“Evan Goldman can take you on the phone going like this: ‘bum dee dum dum,’ and come back to you in a ridiculously short amount of time with something that sounds even better than you could’ve hoped. Across all genres, Evan DELIVERS, more reliably than anyone else I’ve worked with.” – Max Landis, Writer: CHRONICLE, MR RIGHT, FRANKENSTEIN, AMERICAN ULTRA Director: THE DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN, JANE LA, ME HIM HER “Evan's true gift isn't just creating beautiful music in a wide range of styles, but that he's able to create powerful and moving stories within his music that complement, and ultimately elevate the visuals. He's extremely easy to work with and a true collaborator. Use him.” – The Goetz Brothers Directors: SCENIC ROUTE, MARTYRS “Evan’s musical range is wide dramatic and emotional. And he’s one of the few with those clubs in his bag who can also write for comedy.” – Rob Lowe, Actor: THE WEST WING, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, PARKS AND RECREATION Author: STORIES I ONLY TELL MY FRIENDS “It is without hyperbole when I say that Evan Goldman can do anything. Any genre, any period, any tone – Evan consistently composes music that delivers far beyond expectations. He is one of our most exciting, talented, and versatile collaborators.” – Bryan Basham, Head of Production at Adjacent LA Producer: COPS: SKYRIM, THE DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN “You are [Evan Goldman is] too on the ball” – Zach Donohue, Director: THE DEN during the scoring process “As a director that doesn't speak music, I've always been intimidated stepping into the scoring process. All that changed when I met Evan Goldman. From day one Evan was able to decipher exactly what I was looking for and he took our project to a level I couldn't imagine possible. Evan brings patience, understanding and a true passion to every project he undertakes. I feel lucky to have met Evan and I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship.” – Joseph Saroufim, NYTVF award-winning Director/Co-Writer: OB/GY ANNE, DTEC